Friday, March 1, 2024
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THE NARRATED SELVES Self and Self-Representations in Dalit Life Stories By Elizabeth Abraham ISBN 978-93-80419-48-0


Subalterns and Everyday life Social Life of Dalit Christians in Manjadikkari By P. Sanal Mohan and Madhu Prabakaran       ISBN 978-93-80419-47-3


Enduring Dilemma: Flashpoints in Kashmir and India-Pakistan Relations By K M Seethi Publisher: KW Publishers Year: 2021 ISBN: 9789389137811


Endless Sorrows: Endosulfan and Endangered Human Security By K.M. Seethi Published by DPP/IUCSSRE 2020 ISBN 978-93-80419-50-3


THE ARAB WORLD IN TRANSITION: Beyond and Beneath the ‘Arab Spring’ By K.M.Seethi Published by GSC Collective 2029 ISBN 978-81-91019005-6


ENGAGING BEYOND BORDERS: India and China in Regions By K.M. Seethi Published by GSC Collective 2019 ISBN 978-81-910190-3-2



DEVELOPMENT REBOUND: Challenges in Kerala’s Development Scenario By K.M.Seethi Published by Raspberry 2018 ISBN 978-81-910190-2-5 



Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods Security: Engaging MGNREGS in Kerala By KM Seethi & Sudheep MS Published by SIRP 2017 ISBN 978-81-91019070 



Modernity of Slavery: Struggles against Caste Inequality in Colonial Kerala P. Sanal Mohan Published by Oxford University Press 2015 ISBN-13: 9780198099765


State and Civil Society under Siege Hindutva, Security and Militarism in India BY P. M. Joshy and K. M. Seethi Published by Sage India ISBN 9789351503842