Friday, March 1, 2024
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Inter University Centre for Social Science Research and Extension (IUCSSRE) was established by an order of the Government of Kerala vide G. O. No. 1369/2010/H.Edu dated 12 July 2010. The Centre started functioning from 1 March 2011. The IUCSSRE is conceived as an independent institution for advanced studies, a platform for the convergence of interdisciplinary knowledge drawing experts from various Universities in and outside Kerala with a mission to promote contacts, exchanges, collaborations, and sharing of resources through study programmes, courses, workshops, projects, and conferences across a wide range of themes of intellectual concern.   


IUCSSRE is envisaged as a centre to facilitate convergence research in Social Sciences; to facilitate theoretical research in the interfaces of established social sciences, simultaneously evolving their praxis through extension for social development, and to meet the long term needs such as ecological sustainability and improvement of marginalized communities


IUCSSRE strives to develop critical consciousness among students to comprehend social realities, to make them socially committed learners; to facilitate social science knowledge for empowering the people; to enable knowledge for public policy debates; and  to promote and share the resources through academic programmes and outreach and extension activities across wide range of intellectual themes